About Us

Prudent Property Managers, Inc. is a full service property management company, with over fifty (50) years of experience in property management.

We manage properties throughout the United States. Our portfolio of properties consists of over two thousand (2,000) apartments.

Located in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.

Selecting the right managing agent for your property is no easy task. It involves not only the choice of a firm that is competent and qualified, but one that will understand and respond to the needs of the residents and the Board of Directors. We provide all of this and more. We offer sound and responsible management at the most competitive fee. Our staff is dedicated and we pride ourselves on maintaining our properties in excellent physical and financially sound condition. We strive to make a significant difference in the physical and fiscal condition of our properties, which in turn enhances the quality of life for our tenants, and satisfies the members of the Board of Directors. We welcome the opportunity to perform these management services on your behalf.

Prudent Property Managers, Inc. takes maximum advantage of programs and grants that offer free funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This funding allows us to fully satisfy the property needs and maintaining the properties character. We have successfully obtained significant Federal and State funding to complete costly improvements to the properties that we manage. We have taken full advantage of various utility rebates, including those for energy efficient lighting which has resulted in savings of thousands of dollars in electricity usage for our properties.

Prudent Property Managers, Inc. has also obtained significant amounts of loans and grants for energy conservation and other capital improvements to our properties. Our successful energy conservation programs and our ability to bulk purchase fuel have saved our properties thousands of dollars in energy costs. Working closely with Federal and State Supervisory agencies we have developed innovative contractual arrangements that have assisted our properties to borrow funds to complete needed repairs and improvements.

Prudent Property Managers, Inc. stresses advance planning of both the physical and the financial needs of the properties and anticipates the market trends. We have a great deal of strength in marketing. We provide detailed and sophisticated financial information and reporting, in security, risk collection, and in resident and Board of Director relationships.

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